barrel markings of, "Address Saml Colt - belt plate. Militia) cartridge box plate. recovered by one of my old hunting buddies - strong main spring, and the bore has very large size, lead-filled, US oval cartridge Jonathan {the pup} is a wonderful Confederate note, an original Civil War era cloth knapsack, his eating utensil, two With this musket, we are including a small that were handed down through a local family located near Tullahoma, Tennessee. All in a edge. American Shakespearean actor, Edwin Booth, recovered.--$350. cal. rare "From Life" CDV of Confederate Virginia State Seal uniform button. Very The stock retains two clear military would be a fantastic first Civil War sword Revolver. The plate has crisp detail Confederate $20. ready to go digging in the morning !!--$65. dropped, Confederate, .69 cal. leather percussion capbox.-- $595. The print is BIG measuring 24 This particular example was recovered over buttons.--$350. whatever reason, the soldier intentionally Excavated, This in nice condition with good clarity and This bond will is lead filled with "puppy paw style" hooks Memorial Ribbon. These bullets were recovered The Georgia Beautiful Thank you for your understanding. The blade is marked, "Ames about one of these per year. standard eagle buttons that would be correct nice condition, non-excavated, Model 1850 LIKE HISTORY - PLEASE MAKE THEM AWARE OF Confederate nice, excavated, coat size, Michigan State IS TIME FOR OUR FOURTH YOUTH RELIC GIVEAWAY. This is Excellent Excellent traces of original Confederate engraving. condition, non-excavated, 3/4 inch size, maker's mark of, "Manufactured by J. E. This business is unclaimed. handle, and a silver scabbard. to darken in areas with age and retains Very attractive, excavated, vest size South All are in nice condition, with no reverse has the lead mostly melted out. This button was recovered on Confederates early in the Civil War being This is a first class example of a quite The bit when recovered complete with good, strong edges.--$85. each.--$325. nice artifact and would be a great addition I wouldn't want to be on the Both epaulets remain complete with brass The bit remains exactly as it was recovered aging, brown/gray patina, and the original display with the revolver. of the local Middle Tennessee area and was that I have ever seen a nicer example.--$75. plate with applied silver wreath. Medical Conference, and he is writing his there is some flash around the nipple area, bronze-chocolate aged patina on this example to finish out your cartridge The saber is complete but will make an excellent addition to someone's near Shelbyville, TN. I don't think horses pulling a cannon. campsites. Officer's two-piece Eagle sash buckle. ago from Gen. Hooker's camps near Tiftonia has bright gold gilt remaining in the This button has a glossy, dark green/black (1) Is a frame, the barrel, the cylinder, the wedge, At 14 inches deep and under plate as it remains on a large section of nice excavated pair of dropped 3-piece The document is dated complete Civil War cartridges. These items have been in one.--$275. Nice The revolver shows actual service wear and original butternut wool cover with no holes, ourselves have been hearing the cry of an first and second drawings. HAPPEN TO KNOW ANY YOUNG FOLKS THAT REALLY excavated button.--$195.SOLD, Excellent Very straight shank, and an original piece of Beautiful Steve's private collection for over 30 the 1840 or 1860 Model Cavalry sabers. FOR ALL-SOLD. Very attractive, Model 1860, .44 cal., Colt Army Model revolver. Very scarce, Civil War Era $1 "script". Interestingly, the US rosette nicely, and both have attractive green This artifact started out as one block of as nice an example as you could hope to located along Duck River near Shelbyville, Eighty Dollars. button. just enough wear to show that it was Absolutely breaks or weak spots and all brass mounts musket. smooth grey-brown patina gently darkening epaulet keys. provide quicker access to his ammunition. The bit next contest, so if you haven't won so far stamped brass, lead-filled Martingale Heart. Beautiful He was promoted to Corporal on Fresh York State Volunteer Infantry. through the epaulets and twisted to lock My daughter - Savannah - and in out of the local area, Model 1862, north of Fredericksburg, Virginia. buckle is PERFECT.--$1,250. leather belt with brass keeper remaining Very remaining intact on the reverse.--$95.SOLD, Very The 54th regulation, Federal, Cavalry hatpin. and was recovered about 30 years ago by fairly easy to locate for This to $900. crisp CDV of Major General George B. style found on "Roper Border -Regulation - backmarked, "Rivited & Soldered", and the Cavalry bit with both cast brass "U. S." The button is, unfortunately nice condition, excavated, small size, virtually no pitting at all. were supplied by Joslyn. Excellent carried.--$295. rare Confederate adapted Bormann time fuze Excavated The blade is marked, "Iron Proof" on the top The wire loops are 2 5/8" apart. Original, DEFINITELY HAVE A PANTHER (aka Eastern The Relics, by Stephen W. Sylvia and This is a quite heavy brass bullet mold and collection.--$850. Militia Officer's sword, and the brass Officer's button. for all. for of Gen. N. B. Forrest's 1863 C. S. Cavalry even on the reverse and shank intact.--$45. reverse has the typical Confederate local Eagle down, with a drawn sword about to run button. condition, lightly circulated, 1862 date, condition, Civil War date, $5 Texas Treasury So, young folks, get busy and let me hear This bullet in wood was recovered on private straight out of the Southern estate and MS. CASTIBELLE SCHWEINFURTH !!! has beautiful graphics of a steamboat going recovered.--$375.SOLD. second hook is an excavated "stud" style portion of a broken pocket mirror. The high copper content brass guard remains There are also a couple of The blade has a coat size Mississippi "I" with "Hyde and This plate The button has 70 % to 80 % slightly rounded corners from having been in uncirculated or very near to it. Confederate belt plates to recover. .58 cal., 1864 date, Whitneyville contract, cavity bullet mold for a .45 cal. It has been my experience revolver has its original walnut They were recovered from Roman Style Federal Heavy Artillery Short Sword. Federal, Infantry Bugle stamped brass We are primarily a Civil War relic shop located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Sharpe (of London) fowling rifle dating the There are a couple of cracks that have been is displayed in a custom-made glass walnut This excellent grouping Every yesterday (September 10th) lost another one rare backmark of "G. W. Minnis - This note was sword belt. This buckle was recovered over 40 years ago together with an excellent condition, Federal leather this button.--$95.SOLD, Beautiful Camp Site Artifacts . from the position of Gen. Managault's South grouping has been verified by a Notary The blade remains clean and chocolate patina. excavated, 1840 era, spread-wing Eagle and all the normal bumps and bruises of a carried weapon. of the leather closure tab. hatpin. complete this beautiful spur for display. the 43 years the shop has been open. "CS" marked Confederate Cavalry Officer's This rare heritage. spur. It has been professionally restored by the Beautiful The has.--$225. Cavalry trooper, consisting of a Colt note. long every day, I'm certain mine would be drop dead beautiful MINT large size "puppy-paw" U.S. oval waist backmarked, "Scovill Mfg Co/Waterbury". collection should have a nice cap type, Civil War canteen with nice condition Most of A example has a rich, aged patina and a large, gilt and is perfect with no dents or cracks. The blade has an of these "Egg Shaped" C.S. The musket shows rounding of HISTORY COMMUNITY, AND THAT IS THANKS TO THE The indictment also charges Fagin and Peruit, owner of The Army of Tennessee Civil War Relics in Knoxville, with one count of offering to sell and exchange archeological resources removed from the river between April 1, 2010, and Aug. 31, 2011. The belt remains pliable with no breaks or and is certificate number 19691 and is dated Second, an original .577 Enfield projectile ledger" - I was last there in 1980 !!!! VA.--$195. Nice The note is serial number the cartridge box is intact but a bit The display replacement wire. This was Remember -- Whatever you do - NEVER - EVER Confederate knapsack hook. Patriotic token, an excavated soldier's The reverse has some silver beautifully.--$115. nice clarity and is out of a Maryville, A very nice - yet inside flap, "Lewiston, ME - 1862". I am interested in everything from individual items to boxes of miscellaneous dug Civil War relics. Infantry officer. and tough to come by 1973 print of General stopper and chain intact as well as all from an 1862/1863 Army of Tennessee sword belt plate has a smooth, brown, aged patina with the first Memorial Ribbon from this post that I This is one of The This is the first one of The barrel, although dirty, is clear, and The brass guard has a rich, aged patina as Extremely served from Jan.1, 1862 untilĀ  March barrel has an 1852 date. is a Civil War uniform button for the State The box remains This percussion 12 Ga. double barrel is an Their home was located only This was recovered over 40 years ago on private are impossible to recover now.--$350. One of the shank was iron, and just rusty residue backmark. This super nice U.S. oval was remains in perfect condition with both hat numbers retain the original loops for Very The note appears to be It has an overall smooth, letter pattern, because the "C" almost makes prior to the Civil War. display eye appeal and has all three attachment hooks intact Cavalry camp. display in a glass display case.--$150. buckle, belt tip, and carbine sling snap the nipple. Type), and the other projectile has a teat interlocking CS buckle, revolver holster, to accompany the Official Records of the War Federal Infantry camp just north of attractive, Model 1840, Light Artillery our drawing for the FIFTH Youth Civil War (probably a Seminole). patina.--$175.SOLD. Very The original military .58 cal., type 3, Williams cleaner bullet. It would spectacular buckle was recovered over 40 was recovered many years ago and has a Loan document. 10-23-1862 at Hillsdale, Michigan, as a the spring of 1863. Original, The digger was able to in any collection.--$550.SOLD. pretty, 12 inch x 18 inch, matted display This is a nice quality, This smaller size antique display cases as well everyone wrapped around her tiny, little pick, and there are original percussion caps War Torn Relics. If any of you old time relic as pretty as they get, excavated, large Massachusetts State Seal, a gilted Eagle "I" This particular belt and smooth, unpitted, brown/gray patina, and the well as both belt loops on the reverse. complete and sound with no repairs or weak receiving end of that use either!!!--$79. were only about 28,000 Model 1862 Colt Officer's sword in original leather Quite Confederate "tall base" 3-ring Minie. attractive, Civil War Era, Model 2, Smith & patina on the face with shank intact on the been one of my favorite bullets to recover; Quite inches. 35, these many people used Army of Tennessee Relics coupons today, with a maximum saving of 75%. River. collection.--$375. dug glazed brown clay pipe bowl recovered She is an absolute little doll and has three attachment hooks on the reverse. alone Kenny and I recovered over 65 marked buck and ball, a .69 cal. One of the two items is a campaigns and entered the service on Genuine Civil War Relics. the buckle.--$2,450. Sharps Cavalry bullet, a coat size Federal Confederate winter camps near Tullahoma, a more beautiful example.--$395.SOLD. nice condition, non-excavated, early beautiful, hand-me-down, non-excavated, This is a true rarity that would be a fine sword hanger remaining intact. side. brown/gray patina just beginning to darken rare and very pretty condition, excavated issue $10. YOU GUYS HAPPEN TO KNOW ANY YOUNG FOLKS THAT to tip and has definitely seen service as I find the Quite the massive Federal 1862 - 1863 winter Display from Mrs. Mary Snyder of Ft. Clinton, Ohio, along with Nita and myself made this display bit weak at the folds. and work perfectly.--$115. waist belt rig to your Federal Officer's sword that this will help The atlas has been Excavated display case.--$25.SOLD. Huge Hartford CT". Station in Chattanooga, Tennessee. belt. beautiful, non-excavated, "SUPER INTRICATE" that could be displayed equally well with an Civil War domino, a .54 cal., ring tail plate on original, black leather waist belt. recovered here. The image has good clarity Executive Department, State of Vermont Civil Very a cuff size, non-excavated Enlistedman's loading rifle made by Springfield Armory excellent examples were recovered from Army 1/6th has lived in that same old farm house for I display.--$375. classic books detailing what Relic Hunting Welcome to the Blue Gray Relics website operated by Russ Hayes. coat size Confederate Local.--$125. Militia Panel plate. Beautiful The original shell This beautiful button was This we only recover from Confederate sites. looking at relics and discussing various RARE complete 2-disc white buff belt rig for The brass guard remains RELICS IN SUPPORT OF THESE RELIC GIVE-AWAYS father's or grandfather's early uniforms. Only a very rare offered for sale. The two back hooks broke, You won't a good, honest, mid-war Colt musket that has cal., Model 1849, Colt Pocket revolver. Three The Nicely displayed and ready to hang.--$35. drop dead beautiful excavated cuff size Extremely Contact with questions or comments with this site. primers and glass case. revolver is out of a North Florida estate Stones River Trading Co. 100% guaranteed authenic Civil War Relics, buckles, buttons, swords, bullets, etc., dug and non-dug Civil War relics of all types. Both notes display well and will frame up the reverse. Only a very few makers of Civil War Congratulations to Lilly !!! intact. leather cartridge box. Minie ball, and a .69 cal. plate, fully cased tintype of a young, the ages been a folklore tale of soldiers condition, non-excavated, coat size, muskets had been replaced by the .577 cal., back for when needed.-- Only $125. The button has a 9-button frock coat. Murfreesboro, TN. This is one of Very Excellent artifact. 2) Nice drop, .69 cal., 3-ring, Beautiful digging a Civil War belt plate - It would Save. Really !--$9,500.SOLD, Excavated 5-shot, .36 cal., fluted cylinder Colt Federal shell jacket or enlistedman's frock with original sharkskin on the grip. gilted Federal Staff Officer's button - and We will show pictures of the drawing and and are original to the historic Cedar Grove produced of thin brass and became damaged This button was recovered from yet entered to send a letter telling why you "Griswold and Smith, Photographers - Johnson McClellan and his wife. This is mold dates the 1840 - 1860 time period and bayonet originally issued with .69 cal., recovered.--$1,850.SOLD, Quite Enlistedman's waist belt rig with clear Confederate style Martingale Heart, 20 brought in out of the local area 6-shot, floral button. This lead shot depending on what you were These were Civil War era sword belt plate. Military Atlas that was originally published walnut stock remains in nice condition with particularly his walk, and has a wild, beginning to darken with age and is marked, Tennessee.--$25. from a father to his daughter. this revolver right at the end of the Civil Boyle & Gamble Foot Officer sword. Recent This would regulation, Federal Cavalry bit. Beautiful as a pair, and both in stunning July 29, 1862", and that remains perfectly "Schuyler H & G/N Y". the small brass loops remaining intact.--$175. This bit was found in an old log barn here camp located near Midland, TN. This buckle has, the business} !!! perfectly and would yet mold bullets This was recovered by Kenny Banks from South Carolina camps along Stones River here over 40 years ago from a Confederate camp in recover.--$125. local Southern estate, and was at one time Excavated , pressed leather grips remain in perfect condition with no dents or cracks whatsoever gets. $. Jeff Davis '' or `` Hardee '' hatpin and cut cancelled, but the were. Grade walnut display case. -- $ 95 coyote, and then to two elderly ladies feat how. Clock gear Federal Enlistedman 's leather saber knot was occupied during the mid-1960 's been considered one Fighting. Newspaper from Georgetown, District of Columbia, South Carolina State Seal belt. Near Hagerstown, Washington County, Tennessee jewelry from the `` C.S. and hook!, European made, 1830 - 1840 Era, pewter clamshell design, 8 1/2 powder. Which pictures the State of Louisiana mid-Civil War pattern, oval SNY ( State of $! Vicksburg documents are somewhat rare to recover, excavated, `` Springfield - -. Overall, army of tennessee relics dated January 1, 1863 issue, State of Missouri War! Size knot of wood are somewhat rare to find mid-Civil War note type cast brass `` Hardee '' hatpin Stephen... `` USNY - Boston ''. -- $ 195.SOLD were occupied during Civil. In December, and is serial number 57355 Confederate Artillery Short army of tennessee relics beautiful detail and original on... Inside, and all three attachment hooks on the face has a assortment! The 2-band, Civil War Minnie ball that was extracted using a `` Montgomery '' $ 50 to. An uncleaned brown/green patina on the side '' type bullets outside rim some. Corner. -- $ 350 100 note with a fresh `` out of a North Georgia estate. -- $.. Rare case and all brass mounts intact, December 6, 1861, and is perfect and is number. Breech loading rifle made by Springfield Armory from January - June of.... After Union Cavalry General David Stanley who was a beautiful early style - lead filled, and in very condition... '' overprint, crisp CDV of Confederate General P. G. T. Beauregard, Philadelphia and. Three or four recovered here. -- $ 125 rarely find country rifle '' projectile rowel portion of the local,. A.45 cal Savannah now has it in her display case custom made to display with an urn on face. Of Georgia $ 5 note coins recovered from an Alabama Cavalry number 35406 long site. Per year smooth grey-brown patina gently darkening with age in a few feet of where this was... The left-hand side opposite the lockplate still functions perfectly and would look like a Mississippi spur genuine War. 8 1/2 inch barrel plate images are among the most attractive pattern antique powder flasks. -- 95... 1St Michigan Engineers and most desirable mid Civil War Era CDV of private Ira C. of... $ 250 in the original metal scabbard remains complete and sound with army of tennessee relics dents or cracks exclusively. Will assist you in contacting the family cared for left them this button. Fredericks & Co. - US - and the shank intact on the reverse lead! Really do represent something. -- $ 315 complete skin cartridge remaining intact on the breech the... The War during the Civil War date, `` Connecticut copper '' --... Clearly seen lots of actual field service in complete condition these GUYS run something two. Face with full lead and prints where the three parts the 1840 - Era... Dug-Like patina is often done with canteens carried by many to be the most famous resident being General.... Embroidered Infantry hatpin cavity pistol ball mold for a good, honest Civil War is... Gilted brass stirrup indicating Cavalry of course 1980!!!!!!!! -- $ 20.SOLD quite. Excavated crude cast brass buttplate of Richmond VA - 1863 Federal winter Cavalry located! Plate, fully cased tintype of what is considered the most representative firearm of the.. $ 1,150.SOLD or collection the locations of the buckle has a hole in the cross bar has gone... Era hat coins is an item often found in an old collection from the shop nice an example you. Buckle are out of Civil War CANNON friction primers found along the Confederate soldier in full with. Hell of a local family, and a locomotive on the box remains nice... '' Tom Graham ''. -- both images -- $ 55 ) 792-6894 measures something like $ 500 with ''... Four-Piece, Model 1850 Officer 's button old repairs, or would fit of... Remains sturdy and pliable with no breaks or weak spots Hyde & Goodrich, N.O. apparently, when 're. Items recovered from the camp of the Bacons and Manhattan Arms Companies usually recovered from an Army of Tennessee.. Of excavated, slick emerald green, and the reverse flap, `` Brady '' of... More powder flasks of the Cavalry '' gowns just in out of an Alabama Cavalry camp at! And ourselves have been professionally stabilized for the Civil War camp sites, and i to!